The 5 Best Interlocking Contractors in Milton, ON

18 February 2021

The top 5 interlocking companies in Milton are all lead by amazing teams of interlocking contractors. They have built top tier systems within their interlocking companies to offer their clients the best customer experience, materials and services available to the GTA. There are so many good interlocking contractors in Milton, but only a handful of GREAT ones. You can tell the best interlocking companies apart from the others by their attention to detail, their great customer reviews and their ability to deliver on their promises.

Being that Enviro-Loc is rated as one of the best interlocking companies in Milton, it competes against other local interlocking companies on a regular basis. Through our research we have compiled a list of the top 5 interlocking companies that service Milton. If you are in the market to find the best interlocking company in Milton to work with you on your interlocking driveway, patio, walkway, pool deck, or porch, you can’t go wrong with hiring one of the 5 Best Milton Interlocking Companies from the list below.

Enviro-Loc Interlocking Ltd.

Enviro-Loc Interlocking Ltd. is one of the best interlocking companies in Milton that offers first class service to their clients. The staff at Enviro-Loc go through industry leading training on an ongoing basis which separates their interlocking contractors from the rest. They endure a rigorous on-boarding when they join the team as well as weekly training programs to ensure they are up to date on all things related to interlocking stone. They also pride themselves in being the leader in the industry for taking an environmentally friendly approach.They have drastically cut back on carbon emissions, offer paperless solutions to all customers and work with local communities to clean parks and plant trees. Locally based out of Milton and serving the west GTA, Enviro-Loc is one of the best interlocking companies in Milton. Check them out at

Duralock Interlocking

Duralock is a premium landscape company servicing Milton for over 20 years. Lead by Tony, they have a very capable staff of interlocking contractors that will ensure you get a great experience. They are best suited for larger projects and deliver on their promises. The owner Tony, served in the military for 7 years and when he came back, he had a mission to create the best local landscaping company. Over the last two decades Tony & his team have performed interlocking services to the GTA at a superior level! They are one of the best interlocking companies around. You will be in good hands if you hire Duralock to assist you with your interlocking driveways, patios or front entrances. Check out their website at

MVR Landscaping

MVR Landscaping is an Interlocking company in Milton.They have a great team of interlocking and landscaping specialists. They have specialized in Interlocking Patios, Driveways, Walkways and Porches for over 10 years. They have a unique way of approaching the project.Most interlocking contractors provide their customers with an all-in price that includes everything and which allows the customer to be hands off throughout the process. MVR gets the customer to purchase and pay for everything individually guiding them along the way.It is positioned that this method can potentially save the homeowner some money and allow them to control the process. They also charge for in person quotes although the consultation fee is absorbed by their company if you choose them to do the work. They are a great interlocking company that provides exceptional service to the residents of Milton. Check out their website at

River Wood Landscape

River Wood Landscape has a team of dedicated landscaping professionals that service the Western GTA. They are well-known for being able to handle all types of landscaping and interlocking projects and being able to get them done right the first time around. They are a newer company that is bringing new innovating methods to the industry. Since 2018, their team of skilled landscapers have specialized in a wide variety of landscape construction services. They work together with their clients to create the perfect outdoor living space within their required budgets. Whether you’re looking for a new interlocking patio to enjoy with your family and friends or you want a new vegetable garden in your backyard, their professional landscape design expert can create a 3D design which will allow you to see a virtual blueprint of your future landscaping. Check out their website at

EGE Interlocking and Paving

EGE Interlocking specializes in all things related to interlocking. They have an amazing design team that will work with you to create the perfect interlocking stone patio or driveway. They have been helping clients bring their dreams to life through amazing custom design and landscaping for over 10 years. Every Interlocking driveway, patio and walkway they create is built with the greatest attention to detail. They exceed all industry standards to ensure that the finished product will be enjoyed for years to come. They have built their reputation through quality workmanship and an ever growing list of satisfied customers. They will help you increase the curb appeal on your home in turn increasing the value of your property. They are dedicated to offering the highest quality craftsmanship and we are fully committed to each and every project they work on. They strive to exceed the expectations of every customer they service. Check out their website at

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